UPCM and the Pain Expertise Centre Maastricht

What was the Pain Expertise Centre Maastricht?

The Pain Expertise Centre (PKC) Maastricht was one of  four pain expertise centres set up in 1993 by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, the other ones being in Groningen, Rotterdam and Nijmegen. The goal of these PKCs was to collect knowledge and carry out research into pain.

The Maastricht PKC became part of the Department of Anaesthesiology/Pain Management at Maastricht University Medical Centre, MUMC+ (formerly known as Maastricht University Hospital, azM). The Ministry specifically asked the centre to   carry out research into innovative types of treatment, diagnostics and consensus development. Over the past 15 years, PKC Maastricht has collaborated with various other hospital departments and institutes within and outside Maastricht University, in connection with its extensive research into pain. Most of the results of this research were directly applied in any pain treatment given to patients. This means that patients at the UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic have always been treated according to the latest scientific methods.

Up until 2008, PKC Maastricht also provided information on pain and pain treatment on its website.

The government grant for PKC Maastricht was terminated in 2008, after which time the centre continued its work under the name UPCM (University Pain Centre Maastricht). UPCM has also taken over the task of managing a website providing extensive information on pain and the pain treatments provided at MUMC+ and falls under the Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management.

UPCM's most important task is research in the field of innovative treatments, diagnostics and consensus development. In the coming years, UPCM will concentrate on those areas of pain in which it has the greatest expertise.