How and when can I contact about a patient?

If you want information about one of your patients that is presently (or will be) under treatment in our outdoor pain clinic, contact the outpatient pain clinic. The assistants of outpatient pain clinic will take care to look for the medical data of the patient. You will whether be directly connected with the pain specialist of your patient or be called back as soon as possible.

Can advice be gathered about pain management?

Every day a pain specialist is present to provide you with information about pain management for a patient that is presently not under treatment in our outdoor pain clinic. Please, contact the outpatient pain clinic.  You will directly be connected with one of our pain specialists.

The University Pain Clinic Maastricht is telephonic accessible on:

Monday till Friday:  08.45 - 17.00 hour

Visiting address:

Polikliniek Pijnbestrijding van het UPCM

Maastricht University Medical Centre
Postbox 5800, 6202 AZ Maastricht, The Netherlands
Telephone: 0031 - 43 - 3877200
Fax: 0031 -43 - 3875737


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