Behavioural Treatment

What is behavioural treatment?

Behavioural treatment, also known as cognitive behavioural treatment, is mainly designed to improve the way you deal with pain.


Their goal is to change your behaviour during this pain, and to identify and change any bad thoughts or feelings (cognitions) about the causes and course of this pain.


If your thoughts about this pain become more consistent with reality, your feelings will also change. This will allow you to change your behaviour and thus to function better in daily life.


The main influences that cause your pain to last longer are: a sense of catastrophe (e.g., fear of landing up in a wheelchair with no real reason for this), fear of movement (don't move because you think you might damage something), and depression (the lower the mood the worse the pain, no matter what the cause).

These influences on how you experience pain were determined from the pain questionnaires completed by you before the start of the treatment. The various results from these pain questionnaires are important when deciding on which behavioural treatment is applicable to you.



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