Consequences Pain Questionnaires

What consequences can the results of the pain questionnaires have for the patient?

When the patient visits the outpatient clinic for the first time, and he or she has completed and returned the pain questionnaire forms, the results of the questionnaire will already be known to the treating pain specialist.

The different pain questionnaires provide the treating pain specialist with information about the different aspect of the patients' pain.

The composition of the pain questionnaires is chosen is such a way that, in case of abnormal results, a directed referral and/or treatment can take place such as a proven depression. For catastrophising behaviour special cognitive-behavioural programmes has been developed.

The diagnostics of the pain questionnaires plays a vital roll in the weekly meeting of the multidisciplinary pain team. The results of the pain questionnaires can form an indication for further parallel treatments with physical treatments (interventional pain treatment) and non-physical treatments such as cognitive-behavioural, pain rehabilitation programmes, depression therapy and psychological treatment.

All decisions of the pain specialist and/or multidisciplinary pain team will be discussed with the patient. It is the patient himself who has the final decision what he will do with the therapeutic advices of his treating pain specialist.

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