Educational Consultations

What if I am asked to take part in educational consultations?

UPCM is part of the Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC) and is therefore also involved in the training of medical students.

Since you have been referred to our outpatient clinic, you may be asked to participate in educational consultations. If your case is eligible for such educational consultations that are held in the presence of students, your doctor will tell you about this, and will ask you whether you agree to take part. The presence of students means that your appointment at the outpatient clinic will take longer than usual; it could take an hour and a half to two hours.

The medical students will ask you questions about your pain, and will examine you. Thereafter, your pain specialist will repeat the whole examination and will discuss possible further examinations or treatments with you.

We would greatly appreciate your giving your consent to participate in this form of training for medical students.


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