Examination 1st Consultation

What will be examined during the 1st consultation at the outpatient clinic?

During the 1st consultation, the treating pain specialist will perform a full physical examination, including neurological, orthopaedic and manual/musculoskeletal medicine aspects, in order to find the cause of the pain problems.

After having examined the patient, the treating pain specialist will decide whether the patient need further examinations or tests, or whether the patient should first see a different specialist. The treating pain specialist can order also X-rays or scans that may already have been made, and medical information from doctors who have treated the patient previously.

At the end of the first consultation, the treating pain specialist will give the patient full information about the results of the various examinations, the cause of your pain, and the type of pain he has. This is very important, since the type of pain determines the kind of treatment he needs.

Based on how the patient has answered the pain questionnaire, the treating pain specialist will also discuss other factors that affect the pain and that may have to be examined further and/or be treated.

In most cases, the final occurrence during this first consultation will be that the treating pain specialist will draw up a treatment plan, in consultation with the patient.


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