Policy Outpatient Clinic

Pain Treatment

What treatment is offered at UPCM?

Depending on the pain diagnosis (or diagnoses), and on the results of the pain questionnaire forms the patient have completed, UPCM can offer various treatment options. In some cases, two or more options may be applied simultaneously. Pain treatment can be divided into somatic (treating physical problems) and non-somatic treatment.


Physical Treatment

Physical Treatment

Pain Medication

Intrathecal opioids


Nerve root blocks

Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine

Ganglion blocks


Trigger Point blocks

Facet joint blocks

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Local injection

Sweet procedure

Peripheral joint injections


Sleeve injections

Epidural Medication

Nerve injection

Intervertebral disc blocks

Nerve blocks


Non-Physical Treatment


Exposure treatment


Graded-Activity treatment


Pain Catastrophizing treatment


Pain Coping programme


Tailored Rehabilitation treatment


Depression treatment


Psychological treatment



The patient may need several different types of treatment for his pain. We call this multidisciplinary pain management.

It is also possible that we have not been able to find a clear cause for the pain. In which case, we will discuss with the how best we can improve by treatments his quality of life.