Knee Osteoarthrosis

What is osteoarthritis of the knee?

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a deterioration of the knee joint in which pain is caused by the disappearance of cartilage.


Possible underlying causes of osteoarthritis of the knee are aging or an accident involving the knee (sports injury), but it may also be caused by arthritis, infections, excess weight and occupation.

Signs and symptoms

The pattern of symptoms is characterised by limitation of movement and pain in the knee that increases whenever any weight is put on the knee. Walking up and down stairs is particularly painful. The knee may also be swollen at times. If other joints are also involved, there is most probably a systemic condition such as arthritis.

How is osteoarthritis of the knee diagnosed?

The diagnosis is made according to the patient's pattern of symptoms. During a physical examination to assess knee complaints, passive and active bending and stretching of the leg are important in order to determine the limitation of movement.

Do I need additional examinations?

  • Diagnostic examination for other non-physical factors important for your pain, have already been done by yourself trough filling out your pain questionnaires.
  • Blood tests are required when systemic conditions such as arthritis are suspected.
  • If the knee problems continue to persist: X-rays and an MRI scan.

What are my treatment possibilities?

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Depending on the cause of your pain, your pain specialist will decide whether or not to embark on physical treatment. Based on the results of the completed pain questionnaire, additional examinations can be carried out and, apart from physical treatment, other methods of treatment will be suggested.

Non-physical Treatments

If the results of your pain questionnaire are abnormal, your pain specialist will offer you one of the non-physical treatments listed below:

Physical Treatments


Other Treatments

Interventional Pain Treatments

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