is another name for cancer.

MRI scan:

is a scan that, using a very strong magnetic field, can produce images of the inside of the body. In particular soft tissues are visible with this imaging technique.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS):

is a disease of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) whereby the nerve sheath (myelin) is damaged. The consequence of this nerve sheath damage results in nerve conduction disturbance. This can lead to a number of different complaints and deficits. The precise cause of MS is unknown. MS is frequently seen in countries with warm climates compared to those with cold. There are more female than male MS patients. The course of the disease is different in each patient. Usually, periods of worsening and improvement alternate with each other. MS can produce many different and frequently debilitating signs and symptoms, but is not life-threatening as such, nor is it contagious or hereditary.

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