Mentalis Neuralgia


Mentalis neuralgia is a painful disorder of the mental nerve, due to a lesion or dysfunction of this nerve.


There may be many reasons for mentalis neuralgia, the most frequent being a complication after dental treatment. If this is not the case, mentalis neuralgia may be the first sign of a malignancy.

Signs and symptoms


Patients complain of numbness in the cheek and lower lip, accompanied by neuropathic pain.


Physical Examination

First of all, neurological examination of the cheek and lips must be performed. Thereafter, careful dental examination of the mouth and teeth by a dentist is indicated. When no dental cause can be found, oncological screening is necessary.

Additional Somatic Diagnostics

Examination of the blood provides no additional information.

Additional Psycho-cognitive Diagnostics

  • RAND-36 (quality of life)
  • VAS-Pain (maximal, minimal, actual, average/week)
  • PCS (catastrophising)
  • HADS (fear and depression)

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Whether or not somatic treatment is indicated is based on the pain diagnosis.  Based on the findings of the pain questionnaires, additional diagnostics and/or multidisciplinary treatment comprising various non-somatic treatments may be necessary.

Non-somatic Treatment

Somatic Treatment

Pharmacological treatment:

Interventional Pain Treatment


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