Neurological Examination:

is generally performed by a neurologist by means of which all kinds of tests, such as reflexes, sensation, strength and coordination, can check the functioning of the nervous system.

Neuroma Formation:

is seen in scars after an operation, whereby a small skin nerve has been severed. At the end of this severed nerve a little kind of button can form that we call a neuroma. This little neuroma can cause scar tissue pain.


is a name for a disease of the nerves.

Neuropsychological Examination:

is performed by a neuropsychologist who, with the help of tests (questionnaires), examines the function of the brain such as memory, concentration and attention.

Nervous System:

is a collective noun for the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Nerve Junction:

is a point where the nerve fibres come together and make contact.

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