Other Somatic Treatments

Sometimes apart from interventional pain treatment, other somatic treatments are indicated for treating the pain. These treatments can be started either before or after interventional pain treatment.

Based on the clinical findings, there could be an indication for:

  • Manual Physical Therapy: a specially trained physiotherapist treats patients by means of exercises, together with mobilisation and manipulation of the extremities and spine.


  • Exercises: a specially trained physiotherapist instructs and guides patients, using individually designed exercise programmes.


  • Podiatry: treatment is carried out by a therapist specialising in foot problems, and the treatment of, and examination into the reasons for, these problems. For example, this can be done using a computer-controlled printing plate that measures the load pattern of the feet during standing and walking. Based on these findings, the therapist can decide on whether or not corrective shoe soles are required.
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