Policy of Outpatient Pain Clinic

What is the procedure at the UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic?

In most cases, your patient will have been referred to our outpatient pain clinic by letter. As soon as we have received this letter, we will send the patient a set of pain questionnaires inquiring about his or her pain, together with a stamped addressed envelope, which the patient can use to return the forms to us after he or she has completed them. As soon as we have received the forms, we will send the patient a letter with an appointment for his or her first consultation at the UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic.

Because pain as such is multidimensional with respect to diagnostics and frequently multidisciplinary with respect to different treatments, the pain questionnaires form a part of the total diagnostic procedure of a patient with pain. Based on the results of these pain questionnaires decisions can be made for further examinations and/or multidisciplinary treatment. Therefore it is of outmost importance that your patient fills out the questionnaires as complete as possible.

Patients with cancer pain don't receive pain questionnaires prior to the 1st consultation. They will be invited within 2 working days for a 1st consultation at the Outpatient Oncological Pain Clinic of the Oncology Centre.

What in case your patient has more than one pain complaint?

In our UPCM outpatient pain clinic, your patient will never been treated for more than one pain complaint at the same time. The patient has to make a choice which pain complaint has to be treated first. About this very pain complaint the patient has to fill out the pain questionnaires.

For his other pain complaint of your patient, a whole new diagnostic and therapeutic trajectory will be started only after the treatment of his first complaint has be closed. It means also that he has to fill out new pain questionnaires and a full time period of a first consultation will be planned.

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