Procedures Outpatient Pain Clinic

What is the procedure at the UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic?

In most cases, you will have been referred to our outpatient pain clinic by letter. As soon as we have received this letter, we will send you a set of pain questionnaires inquiring about your pain, together with a stamped addressed envelope, which you can use to return the forms to us after you have completed them. As soon as we have received your forms, we will send you a letter with an appointment for your first consultation at the UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic.

The pain questionnaires form part of the diagnostic examination of your pain, and they provide the specialist who will be treating you with important information that he or she will need when selecting the correct treatment. Therefore, it is very important that you answer the questions as accurately as possible.

At our outpatient pain clinic, you will never be treated for more than one pain complaint at the same time. Therefore, if you have several complaints, you will have to decide which one you wish to have treated. You will probably already have discussed this choice with the doctor who has referred you to us. This is the complaint that you have to answer questions about in the questionnaires. If you have other pain complaints, these can be tackled after treatment for your first complaint has been completed. You will then have to go through the whole procedure again, which means that extra time will be allocated to your first consultation and you will have to complete the questionnaire forms again.




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