Referral Information

Which information of the patient has to enclosed together with the referral to the UPCM outpatient pain clinic?

Referred patients to our clinic frequently have a long medical history with many treatments and visits to different specialists. Therefore, during the first consultation as much as possible information is collected for a good and well-indicated multidisciplinary treatment of the patient. Besides the results of the pain questionnaires and the physical examination, medical information from patient with respect to the present pain of the patient is of outmost importance. Since medical information is frequently lacking at the first consultation, a second consultation is necessary to complete the medical information of the patient. This has a negative effect on the outpatient planning and therefore the waiting list. Therefore it is of importance to give the next information along with the patient or to fax it to our clinic (043-3875737).

The next medical information is of importance:

  • All letters of specialist that the patient visited for his present pain complaints.
  • All results of imaging techniques such as scans en X-rays with respect the patients present pain complaints.
  • In case of scans en X-rays were made outside the region or abroad, please ask your patient to bring with him CD-ROM's at the first consultation.
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