Sacroiliacal Joint Pain

What is sacroiliac joint pain?

The sacroiliac joint (SI-joint) is the joint between the hipbones and the sacrum; SI pain has a number of causes.


Pain in the SI-joint can be caused by: infection, osteoarthritis, tumours, fractured bones, and inflammation of the muscle and joint attachments due to overuse. However, often no cause can be found.

Signs and symptoms

SI-joint pain is localized just above the buttocks and may radiate to the lower back or along the back of the thigh down into the foot. Sometimes it radiates to the groin. The pain can usually be provoked by prolonged overloading such as sitting or standing for a long time, or sauntering. Walking and cycling usually cause fewer symptoms.

How is sacroiliac joint pain diagnosed?

When someone complains of the above-mentioned symptoms, a neurological examination is always carried out to exclude a herniated disc in the lower back. In addition to neurological examination, the movement of the lower back and hip is checked for limitation and pain. The area over the SI-joint is also examined to see if it is tender when it is palpated.

Do I need additional examinations?

  • Diagnostic examination for other non-physical factors important for your pain, have already been done by yourself trough filling out your pain questionnaires.
  • If necessary, CT scan, an X-ray of the SI-joints will be taken to exclude other causes.

What are my treatment possibilities?

Multidisciplinary treatment

Depending on the cause of your pain, your pain specialist will decide whether or not to start physical treatment. Based on the results of the completed pain questionnaire, additional examinations may be carried out and, apart from physical treatment, other methods of treatment will be suggested.

Non-physical treatment

If the results of your pain questionnaire are abnormal, your pain specialist will offer you one of the non-physical treatments listed below:

Physical treatment


Other Treatment

Interventional pain treatment


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