Special Referral

Do we have special consultation hours for certain pain diagnoses?

Normally patients are randomly assigned to one of our pain specialists or a trainee pain specialist.

If a particular doctor has treated a patient at the outpatient pain clinic before, we will try to give the patient an appointment with the same doctor in case you refer him or her again to our pain clinic.

In some cases, the patient can be referred to a specific pain specialist within the UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic who specialises in a particular type of pain and its treatment.

If your patient suffers from CRPS or you suspects this condition, he or she can be referred to a special consultation hour. A pain specialist, a surgeon and a rehabilitation specialist will examine the patient at the same time (multidisciplinary CRPS-team).

We are also preparing to offer a special consultation hour for patients with painful neuropathies.

If your patient has oncological pain, you can refer to a special UPCM outpatient oncological pain clinic. A doctor who specialises in this type of pain and its treatment will see the patient.

Finally, you can also refer your patient to a particular specialist at the UPCM outpatient pain clinic, in view of particular complaints.

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