Staff UPCM and co-workers

Which pain specialists and research staff members working at the UPCM outpatient pain clinic?

At the present time, 7 pain specialists are working at the UPCM of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management, each with his special interest in pain. In addition, the Department of Basal Pain Research is affiliated to our department and to UPCM.

Pain Specialists and Research Staff Members:


Professor M. van Kleef, MD, PhD, Anaesthesiology/Pain Specialist, Head UPCM, Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management MUMC+

Prof. Dr. B. Joosten, PhD, Head Basal Pain Research MUMC+/UPCM

Dr. M. Sommer, MD, PhD, Associated Professor, Anaesthesiology/Pain Specialist, Invasive Pain Management/Ultrasound, MUMC+/UPCM

Drs. M. Janssen. MD, Anaesthesiology/Pain Specialist, Chief of the Outpatient Pain Clinic, Oncological Pain and CRPS, MUMC+/UPCM

Drs. Birgit Lousberg-Golombeck, MD, Physician/Pain Specialist

Drs. B.A. Brouwer, neurologist/painspecialist, Neurology/Pain Specialist, Coordinator Pain Management MUMC+/UPCM

Dr. M.H.J. van den Beuken-Everdingen, MD, PhD, Associated Professor, Internal Medicine, Oncological Pain/Palliative Care, MUMC+/UPCM


UPCM Supporting Research Staff:


Drs. Jose Geurts, MSc, Health Economy

Drs. Nelleke de Meij, MSc, Health Sciences


Who else is working at the UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic?

Co-workers Outpatient UPCM Pain Clinic:


Bernadette Coenen-Weytjens

Maud Steijns

Angele Bleus- van Ginneken

Rosina Bussolotto

Monique Curfs-Herben

Emilienne Christophe

Jetty Hersbach

Lucie Jongen-Huls

Angelique Lemmens

Claire Philippeth-Smeet

Etienne Haas


Pain Management Nurses:

Els Meers-Jans

Ingrid Hollander-Mus

Wilma Soomers-Lardenois


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