Supra-orbital neuralgia

What is supra-orbital neuralgia?

Supra-orbital neuralgia is a painful disorder of the supra-orbital nerve, which may be damaged or not function properly.


The disorder may be caused by an accident (a direct hit to the forehead in the area supplied by this nerve), by infections (inflammation of the frontal sinus) or by other, as yet unknown causes.

Signs and symptoms

The main complaint is usually a unilateral pain in the forehead. The pain is sometimes triggered by touch and is of the neuropathic type. The complaints often resemble those caused by inflammation of the frontal sinus.

How is supra-orbital neuralgia diagnosed?

The diagnosis is made on the basis of the nature of the complaints and by excluding other possible causes. Sometimes the cause is found by means of neurological examination and/or examination by an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Do I need additional examinations?

What are my treatment possibilities?

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Depending on the cause of your pain, your pain specialist will decide whether or not to embark on physical treatment. Based on the results of the completed pain questionnaire, additional examinations can be carried out and, apart from physical treatment, other methods of treatment will be suggested.

Non-physical Treatments

If the results of your pain questionnaire are abnormal, your pain specialist will offer you one of the non-physical treatments listed below:

Physical Treatments


Interventional Pain Treatments


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