What are the various pain treatment options available at the UPCM outpatient clinic?

Pain treatment can be divided into two groups: 1. Somatic pain treatment; and 2. Non-somatic pain treatment.

Together, we call these two pain treatment modalities the multidisciplinary treatment of pain.

1. Somatic Pain Treatment

This includes various types of intervention, such as medication, injections, nerve blocks or nerve stimulators, as well as manual medicine/therapy and physiotherapy.

2. Non-Somatic Pain Treatment

This is  treatment that focuses on the impact your pain has on you, and/or on factors, such as depression,  that may lead to your pain becoming worse.  Included in this category are:  pain behavioural treatment, psychological treatment, depression treatment and rehabilitation treatment.


Based on somatic and non-somatic diagnostic procedures, a decision can be taken to schedule various parallel pain treatments in an individual patient. The decision to proceed with parallel treatments is frequently made during a multidisciplinary pain team meeting.

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