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UPCM Pain Research Vision

Mission Department Anaesthesiology and Pain Management

The primary mission of the Department of Anaesthesiology/Pain Management is, outside training at a high level of academics as anaesthesiologist/ pain specialist, the provision of high-quality multidisciplinary research and the valorisation of knowledge in the domains represented by the anaesthesiology and the pain management. 

In the past, the multidisciplinary pain research resided under the former PKC-Maastricht of the Department of Anaesthesiology/Pain Management of Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+). 

The organisation format of the former PKC-Maastricht, in which the multidimensional and multidisciplinary aspects of pain, the applied clinical pain research and translational experimental pain research were ensured, will be further continued within the present UPCM.

Research Vision UPCM

Within the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, the top referent research theme "Pain and Pain Modulation in Chronic Pain" will be developed in chains of translational experimental pain research and clinical research.

Research vision: Pain and Pain Modulation in Chronic Pain


Prof. Dr. B. Joosten, Neurobioloog,  Hoofd Experimenteel Pijn Onderzoek en  Voorzitter van de Researchcommissie van de afdeling Anesthesiologie/Pijnbestrijding

Prof.Dr. M. van Kleef, Anesthesioloog/Pijnspecialist,Hoofd UPCM


After the discontinuance of the former PKC-Maastricht and succession by the UPCM a reorientaion of the research vion of pain research became necessary. As a consequence the present UPCM will have one main research theme: " Pain and Pain Modulation in Chronic Pain". Research within the UPCM will focus on areas with an acquired expertise and international reputation.  Within the  main research theme: " Pain and Pain Modulation in Chronic Pain" two research lines can be distinguished: 1. Spine related pain and 2. Neuropathic pain. 

The research topics " Pain in Neonates and Children" and "Cancer Pain" are integrated in the research line of neuropathic pain. Their research will mainly focus on early development of central spinal modulating neuronal processes in childhood and neuropathic pain. The research line of cancer pain is performed in close cooperation with the Expert Centre for Palliative Care Maastricht  ( EPZM).

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