When can my patient urgently been seen at the UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic?

Many of the patients who are referred to our Outpatient Pain Clinic will have had pain for a long time and will already have had many different types of pain treatment. We are well aware, therefore, that they would like to be seen at the clinic at short notice. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, as there is a permanent waiting list.

If you think your patient has to be seen at short notice, we advice you to contact one of our staff members directly (Dr. J Patijn, Neurologist/Pain Specialist, Dr. M Sommer, Anaesthesiologist/ Pain Specialist, Drs. M Janssen, Anaesthesiologist/ Pain Specialist, Prof. Dr. M van Kleef, Anaesthesiologist/ Pain Specialist). In consultation it can be decided to see your patient at short notice.

Which pain diagnoses are always urgently seen at our pain clinic?

For a number of diseases there is a medical reason to see these patients at short notice.

These are CRPS (recent complaints < 3 months), trigeminal neuralgia, cancer pain and serious vascular pain.

  • Patients with cancer pain are always seen with 2 working days.
  • Patients with CRPS (recent complaints < 3 months), trigeminal neuralgia and serious vascular pain are seen within 5 working days at our pain clinic.
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