Why Pain Questionnaires?

Why has your patient to fill out pain questionnares?

Because within our UPCM Outpatient Pain Clinic pain is approach according the  'biopsychosocial model of pain' , the diagnostics are multidimensional. Therefore, the pain questionnaires form a essential part of the whole diagnostic procedure with respect to the pain complaints of your patient.

The pain questionnaires are primarily meant to find those factors that negatively can influence the pain experience of the patient.

The pain questionnaires comprise:  the RAND-36 (quality of life), the MPI-DLV (social factors), the PCS (catastrophising about pain), the HADS (fear and depression) and different kinds of VAS-pain scores.

The choice of these pain questionnaires is made in such a way that they always can therapeutic and/or diagnostic consequences for the patient.

Each year a meeting is planned with the different participating medical and pain disciplines that evaluates the actuality of the pain questionnaires and when necessary  the composition of the pain questionnaires will be changed.

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